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Large Van

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Ideal to transport large, bulky and heavy goods…

Example Make and Models: Ford Transit, Renault

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Large Van

Collect and deliver on the same day
Collect and deliver on the next day
Wait and return on the same day
Carries up to 1000 KG (estimated)
Carries up to fify A4 size box

Examples: Home and Office Furnitures, Plants, Filming, Concert, Sporting, conference equipment, Freight cases, Stationeries and confectionaries , Wine cases, Luggage’s, Cars parts, Archive boxes, Posters, Banners.

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Example: 1 Park Road, London, W1X 1AA
Example: 1 John Street, Birmingham, B1 1AA
Examples: A4 Size Box, Phone, Files, Envelope, Documents, Camera Bag, Table, Guitar, Wine box, chocolate