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In these terms, the words or phrases below will have the following meanings:-

a) You, your – the customer who asks us to provide a delivery service, including any employee, agent or subcontractor acting on your behalf.

b) We, our, us – Pink Berry Couriers

c) Consignment – any item or items we carry for you from one address to another, including any packaging.

d) Dangerous goods – anything you may ask us to deliver that could put the health and safety of other people at risk. This includes (but is not restricted to) explosives, radioactive material, and items requiring specialist treatment or handling during transportation.

e) Illegal goods – any goods which are illegal

f) Proof of delivery – a signature or company stamp obtained from the consignee acknowledging that the consignment has been received.

Website and app bookings

All bookings are subject to availability. If you have booked within 12 hours from the collection time and need urgent confirmation, please call our customer service.

For bookings done online, we will send you 2 emails. The first email will be a receipt of your travel detail which acknowledges that the booking has been received and is being processed.

A second email stating ‘Taxi Confirmation’ will be sent notifying that the booking has been confirmed. Should you not receive this email within 12 hours from time of booking, please contact us. (Emails tend to go into the Junk and Spam folders)


Payments can be made by the following methods:

Pay with Credit or Debit card online (subject to verification and fraud screening).

Corporate account holders via bank transfers

Phone Bookings

All telephone bookings are taken with great attention and care to ensure the information is accurate. Some calls are recorded for training and verification purposes.

We will not be liable for any wrong information given by the booker or owner’s.

Booking Confirmations

Bookings will be confirmed via email if a valid email address is provided. It is booker’s or responsibly to double check the email confirmation to ensure that the provided booking details are correct.


Prices are based on goods are ready to be collected at the booking time.

All prices are quoted per vehicle and in British pounds.

Prices are quoted to drive through the most economical route. If the booker or owner nominate a route to their preference, the bookers or owner will be liable to pay the extra charges such as fuel, toll, additional millage and waiting amongst other charges.

Booking Confirmations

Bookings will be confirmed via email if a valid email address is provided. It is booker’s or owner’s responsibly to double check the email confirmation to ensure that the provided booking details are correct.

Booking Cancellations and changes

A booking can be cancelled or changed in advance by giving 12 hours’ notice prior to the transfer time.

To cancel or change any bookings, you must contact our customer service team.

You do not cancel or change a booking with our drivers/riders our sub-contractors.

Refunds - Refunds will be issued on the following conditions:

All pre-paid bookings booked with a credit card or debit card; cancellations must be notified 12 hours prior to the actual pick up time.

All refunds are subject to minimum fee of 6GBP (bank charges).

If we are refunding to an international bank account, we will deduct the bank changes from the actual refund amount and the remaining balance will be refunded.

Refunds will not be issued under below circumstance:

If cancellations are notified less than 12 hours from pickup time.

If the if booker or owner books for a wrong date, wrong time and other misleading information.

Lost/Damaged/ Stolen consignment

We or our subcontractor will not accept any liability for damaged, lost or stolen consignment. It is responsibility of the person who is booking the courier or person who owns the consignment to arrange the necessary insurance cover for the consignment delivered by our couriers.

We are not a common carrier, and reserve the right at our absolute discretion to:-

Subcontract any part or parts of a delivery by employing the services of any other person, firm or company who shall also have the power to subcontract.

Refuse to accept any consignment or part there of for delivery.

Refuse to accept dangerous goods for delivery.


We may refuse to accept a consignment for delivery, or any part of it. We may also inspect a consignment if we believe that these terms may have been breached (for example, to check for dangerous goods).

We or our subcontractor will not accept any liability for damaged, lost or stolen consignment. It is responsibility of the person who is booking the courier or person who owns the consignment to arrange the necessary insurance cover for the consignment delivered by our couriers.

We can use any method or route to deliver your consignment, including using subcontractors or agents. Your rights will not be affected where subcontractors are used by us. No subcontractor or agent shall be under any greater liability to you than we are, and we enter into this agreement with you on the basis that they are entitled to the limits of liability contained in these terms.

We will use our reasonable endeavours to collect or deliver your consignment within the time you request, but unless we expressly agree in writing before accepting your consignment for delivery, we will not be liable for any loss or expenses you may suffer if the consignment is not collected or delivered on time.

We will take all reasonable steps to obtain a proof of delivery at the time of delivery, and that proof of delivery will be conclusive evidence that the consignment was delivered complete and in good order, unless the consignee marks otherwise at the time of delivery. We will not be liable for any loss or misdelivery where delivery has been made in good faith to a person claiming to be the consignee, or an employee, subcontractor or agent of the consignee.

If you require a proof of delivery after delivery has been made, then we will endeavour to provide this to you, providing your request is made within 14 days from the date of dispatch. Requests made later than this will be dealt with at our absolute discretion. Settlement of our charges will not be conditional upon you receiving proofs of delivery, and you cannot delay or withhold payment pending receipt of proofs of delivery, irrespective of when any request was made to us.

We will retain proofs of delivery obtained by us and/or any other associated documentation relating to deliveries for a minimum period of six months from the date of collection. After that we may destroy these items without any reference or obligation to you.

We will make one attempt to deliver your consignment, but if we cannot do so, we will have the option to either make a second attempt, or deliver to an alternative address provided by you, or return the consignment to you. Either of these alternatives will be at your cost, but we will contact you first to agree the best option. If we still cannot deliver your consignment we will contact you for further instructions. If we can not reach you to discuss further options, consignment will be return to our depot you will be liable to pay for this and for re-delivery arrangement.

If the consignment still cannot be delivered, we will give you 10 days notice that we intend to sell or dispose of the consignment. Any proceeds of sale (net of expenses) or you will be liable to pay the costs of disposal.

We may keep hold of your consignments until you have paid any amounts you owe us, even though these amounts may not relate to the items held. We may then sell the items held, but only after we have given you 14 days notice in writing. Any proceeds (net of expenses) will be applied to your account with us.

Where we are required to sign to acknowledge collection of your consignment, then that signature will not be regarded as evidence of the condition or number of the goods. If we are kept waiting or loading longer than 15 minutes at either the collection address or delivery address, we may charge you an additional 20 pence per minute.

We will not be liable for any consequential or economic loss or damage suffered by you or any third party.

It is the booker’s or owner’s responsibility to ensure that they reserve or book the correct size vehicle based on the guidelines shown on the website. We will not be liable for any loss or damage to any consignment that cannot be carried within lockable equipment normally provided on the vehicle you order from us. For example, if you order a motorcycle to make a delivery and your consignment is too big to fit in its carrying equipment, we may be able to carry it (providing it is safe to do so), but will not be liable for any loss or damage to that consignment. If the consignment is too big for the vehicle you have booked, carrier has the rights to refuse and you will be charge the full cost.

If the ordered vehicle type/size is not available, a larger size vehicle will be allocated.

We may change our charges or these terms from time to time, but if we do we will give you advance notice.


Before asking us to deliver a consignment, you must make sure of the following:-

If you are not the owner of the goods, you have the owner’s permission to enter into this agreement and ask us to make a delivery.

The goods in the consignment are not dangerous goods and do not present any health or safety risks, and the handling or possession of them is not a criminal offence, nor breaches any relevant statute or regulation (courier have the rights to inspect the consignment before accepting).

The consignment is properly addressed and packaged. If, in our opinion, the packaging is not sufficient, we may either refuse to deliver it, or may repack it to the required standard. You will be liable to pay for repackaging and for the packing materials.

You have made any necessary insurance arrangements (either with us or a third party) to provide the level of cover required, having regard to these items.

If you are in breach of any of these terms, you will be liable for any loss or expenses suffered by us as a result.

If your consignment needs special equipment (e.g. a forklift truck) or manpower to be loaded or unloaded, you must make sure it is available at both delivery and collection addresses. If such is not available, you will be liable for any resulting costs, which may include waiting, storage or redelivery charges.

We have invested significant time and money in recruiting and training staff and engaging the services of courier subcontractors. If you engage (or arrange to engage on behalf of anyone else) any of our employees or subcontractors within 3 months of them leaving us, you will accept a charge from us equal to the last 3 months gross earnings of that person whilst engaged by us. We both agree that this is a fair estimate of our costs of replacing that person.

When you ask us to make a delivery on your behalf, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms. Our liability to you is limited, and explained in detailed in this terms and condition. Above are the terms under which we trade with you and they override any previous agreement between us. They cannot be changed or varied unless our director agrees in writing. Above terms will also override any terms or conditions you may seek to impose on your suppliers from time to time.

at law, then it will not affect the rest. If, for any reason, either of us chooses not to exercise any rights contained in these terms, then that will be regarded as a waiver of those rights for the future. English law governs this agreement between you and us, and any dispute will be dealt with in the English courts